my name is Aria, born and raised in northern california and I am an ever-evolving-gal! I live to learn, laugh and love a good challenge. i have formal training in photography and graphic design, with a degree in design and information technology. i also have certification in web design, and soon business as well. i love knowledge!
i love to laugh, my dog, my friends and family, oh and my hobby-passion-job: photography and design. i collect shoes, and purses (what, i’m a girl) and would totally collect chairs and chandeliers if i had the room! bookworm at heart, and am obsessed with fitness: running, yoga, pilates etc. a big time crafter: knitting, jewelry, scrapbooking, and painting to name a few and i never leave home without a camera.
you’re turn! i want to get to know you, so CONTACT me today and lets make memories together!