Sunday, June 12, 2011

Headshot Sunday #2

Welcome back to Headshot Sunday!

This week I stumbled across a shoot from last September. The model, Annie, was trying to get some updates for her portfolio. We had a couple wardrobe changes, as well as some feet shots for parts modeling. You can find her original blog post HERE and HERE, and some more shots on facebook HERE.
(Processed with my 'Sunrise' look)
This shot didn't make the cut, for multiple reasons. Partly the composition wasn't flattering (oops), and partly because it was a hot day. I mean REALLY hot, and unfortunately that came with sweat.
(Straight out of camera)
(Minor processing in PS4)
(Processed with my 'Black & White' look)

Side by side, before-and-after. As you can see the biggest help was a simple crop. A few minor edits, including ridding/dulling some of the sweat glistening (hey, there is a time and place for sweat in photos. This wasn't one of them), and the shot is gold.

Special of the week:
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