Sunday, June 5, 2011

Headshot Sunday

So my new protocol has been to upload one 'teaser' shot (or rather, collage) to facebook for every entry posted in the blog. Except Headshot Sunday. These posts wont be found anywhere except the blog and will contain limited time specials, promotions, and other fun secrets! Want to be the first (and only) to know? Make sure you hit the 'follow' button and check back every Sunday!

In the midst of editing 3+ sessions every week (as well as various events and weddings), I make time to go back to earlier sessions and re-edit old pictures. It's amazing how something that didn't make the cut the first time, can look different a year later.

This particular shot was taken back in September of 2010, the model is Kristina. You can find her original blog post HERE and HERE, and more pictures of her on Facebook HERE.
(Processed with my 'Sunset' look)
This shot didn't make the cut, not because I didn't like but because simply, I liked other ones better.
However, after playing around with the shot with some of my newer techniques, this might be one of my favorites from the shoot!
(Straight out of camera)
(Minor processing in PS4)
(Processed with my 'Black & White' look)
Side by side, before-and-after.
As promised, special of the week: 
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