Monday, June 27, 2011

Merry Monday-40s themed party pt2

Here is another preview for Asha (part 1) of some of the infamous dancers on her birthday. Most notably the little ones. Two children around the age of four attempting to break dance? Adorable. Two children around the age of four being TAUGHT to break dance by a father? Priceless.
 And of course speeches were made, hugs were had and tears were shed. It was a beautiful evening. Some of the speeches brought tears to my eyes! Asha-you are incredibly lucky to have those amazing people in your life, but they are JUST as lucky to have you!
 The evening got heated up once the 40s music slowed, and the modern stuff got cranked up! This was accompanied by more dancing in the teen section!
Once again, I am so honored to have been able to spend an evening with this group. They were beautiful, friendly and funny people. I hope you enjoyed your birthday Asha! Can't wait to be invited to that 80th you're already planning! ;)


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