Thursday, September 30, 2010

On a Stroll in the Park...

As promised, here is the long overdue, first set of teasers for Annie's photoshoot. We spent late afternoon wandering around McKinley Park in Sacramento on Sunday. Even more will be located HERE eventually. And another teaser to come soon! Enjoy!

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Photographers Nightmare!

So this evening I had a wonderful session with Kristina. Came home to spend the rest of my evening uploading her shots and catching up on editing. Low and behold: I Can't. Insert shock-terror-horrendous sadness. 
While my lightroom doesn't tell me anything other than "didn't perform this function" I finally deciphered from another computer that the images were corrupted. Insert an evening full of frantic 'try-every-demo-of-recovering-corrupted-memory-card-programs-that-exist'. 
Then that wonderful boyfriend of mine came to the rescue and found a FREE program that does it. Here's to not having high hopes, and with a clean sweep I was able to recover 99.9% of my images! Now that is worth paying for, but I can live with not! Here's the link, and if you didn't catch it the first time, it's HERE, HERE, and HERE. ;)
I wasn't going to post any teasers this evening of Kristina, however let me take advantage that these images EXIST! 

Nothing like a shot of adrenaline before bed, right? Oh, just in case you lose the link, it's HERE. ;)


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bulletin Board Tuesday #2

 Guess what today is?! Ok no fair, my title gave it away. Ah well! New packages and offers, new holiday cards to make an appearance soon, and a sneak peak at my latest session! Still TONS more stuff on its way, but all hush hush until then..! Ok, one hint: YOU'LL LOVE IT!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not in Wisconsin anymore...

My apologies! I'm behind in posts! Sooo much to update about! But one thing at a time. First and foremost: TOBY!
Let me welcome into the spotlight this adorable little ball of fluff! Toby here loves running with the big dogs [or at least barking at them], being pampered by his uncle [who offered his shade for the models comfort], oh, and treats!
Speaking of which; TRICK OR TREAT?!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

When The Party STOPS

Final teaser in the Cassidy trilogy! The rest should be online by the end of today HERE. It was a pleasure working with her. Stay tuned for teasers from Toby's shoot! PLUS a brand new offer to be released this weekend!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back in the Mud

As promised, more teasers from my shoot with Cassidy! The first section [as teased HERE, is now located HERE]. These [and more] will be accompany them soon! This is the last section of the shoot, but there is still one more section I haven't posted, so still more teasers to come!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bulletin Board Tuesday #1

As this is my first "Bulletin Board" post I will explain the concept. Every Tuesday I post a "bulletin" which exclaims any specials, new props, concepts, casting calls, give aways etc etc. Keeps my followers up-to-date and interactive with Silver Daisies!

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Party of One

On Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting a wonderful model from Model Mayhem; Cassidy! We started out going for a "morning-after-an-intense-cocktail-party" theme. And ended up playing in the mud. I'll post more teasers later in the week! Here's a few from the beginning of the shoot! Even more will be located on my Facebook over the next week, so keep checking for those!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Midnight Dreamer

"Standin' in the shadows in the palace of my dreams, you're a pretty thing, like fire from the sun. You've got to catch her while she's shinin' before the morning' comes.."
I may or may not admit to this song being stuck in my head as I edited this batch…

Anyway I was in the mood for experimenting' this evening and when the clock struck 9, we wandered the roads in search of bright street lamps to accompany my cranked ISO and *gasp* lack of flash!

HUGE thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, for his unwavering dedication, oh, and allowing me to drag him across down in the middle of the night while forcing him to serenade me on his guitar. =)


Textures and overlays courtesy of NinianLif
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Silver Daisies Photography & Graphics

Welcome to the new and improved Silver Daisies Photography and Graphics blog!
Let me tell you a little about my self:
My name is Ariana; I'm a lifestyle and event photographer in the greater Sacramento area.
For me; photography isn't about shooting and clicking. It's about capturing the story of that person, even the story they haven't told and boils beneath the surface. It's more than creating memories, it's LIVING them, PRESERVING them and SHARING them. And most of all, photography is neither a job or hobby to me: it's a lifestyle.
Memories Begin Here.
Welcome to my blog! You can find out [much more] about me by following me other places too!

Just a little teaser for the work I do, take advantage of this limited time special! 
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