Thursday, June 9, 2011

Auburn Lovebirds pt1

Meet Mickey and Roxanne. Two young love birds getting ready to tie the knot.
These guys met at a local Pizza parlor about six years ago, and in October will be finally saying 'I Do'. And I'm both honored and excited to be part of their special day!
We decided to split the session at two locations, so of course I had to split it into two blog posts! The first location was at Roxanne's mom's house. The backyard was a beautiful array of flowers and trees and cats! In fact if you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of [the cats] in the background! 
These kids couldn't keep their eyes (and lips!) off of each other! After a session like this, it's difficult to understand why someone isn't in love with LOVE!
Don't forget to check back next week for the rest of this session! It includes tree climbing and lassos!
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