Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Update #2

Today we meet (part) of an amazingly beautiful family. These were a surprise birthday gift for Michelle's husband, so he wasn't part of the shoot. But I'm sure he loved the outcome! 

Olivia just turned 3, and Blake is about to turn 1! They were a rambunctious group and I couldn't stop laughing the whole time! 

Olivia's favorite color is yellow, so we searched high and low for a field of yellow flowers. To our surprise a mini field exists in the middle of Folsom, right behind a Peet's Coffee! 
The field attaches to an adorable old wooden bridge, along with some stairs off the path. Olivia had fun running up and down the stairs (with little Blake jealously watching)!
Olivia also had fun running and jumping (and running some more) across the bridge. Though my favorite shots (not shown) are the ones of Michelle chasing her!
 Absolutely beautiful family! I had so much fun spending the morning with them!

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  1. oh bridges and stairs... two of my favorite things! love the sky in that second to last family shot :)