Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Update #1

After asking around some fellow photog-bloggers, I've come to the conclusion that posting 4 days a week isn't an option (for me at this time..). However I'm doing a few public teasers on my Facebook, so I will post a session a week here!

Without further ado I bring you Arabella. 
A model, actress, wardrobe stylist and makeup artist!
Gotta love nontraditional brides!
Pairing a classic white flow-y skirt with a vintage beaded top, and trading it out for a silver sequin tube top with another vintage beaded jacket find! This girl has guts and glamor wrapped up in her own assured style!
Not only does she have guts for her style, but her attitude as well! Meeting at the Capital Rose Garden, we spent five minutes in the flowers before we realized it just wasn't going to work. So we ventured towards the succulents (and I do mean ventured...enduring sprinklers, mud, and rude groundskeepers)! Here I safely began suggesting posing IN FRONT of the cacti. But Arabella had other plans as she climbed (tulle and all!) through needles and thorns, all the while sitting UNcomfortably on a balance ball!
My cheeks hurt from laughing after this session, she was so much fun to work with we had a fabulous time bouncing ideas off of each other! (Or chasing after her on a bike..)!
And of course we finished the session with the traditional poses on the Capital steps (with over-sized jacks...of course)!
This is definitely one of those sessions I could post every picture from! LOVE IT! 

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