Monday, May 23, 2011

Merry Monday-Trash the Dress pt1

Who doesn't love a good ole trashing of the dress? Forewarning, those who do not enjoy watching a beautiful white wedding dress turn brown should skip this post (actually they should look at it anyway and leave a comment voicing their opinion)! 
A sad story behind this gorgeous dress, this blushing bride's (married for three years, but blushing nonetheless) friend purchased this for her wedding day. Sadly before the day arrived her figure had rearranged (to hold a baby!!) and she couldn't wear it. So she donated it's services to this merry festivity! 
Our adventure began in Historic Folsom behind the Lake Natoma Inn, where we trampled through underbrush and battled spiders. 
A tiny creek ran through our spot and of course she felt the need to splash around and have some fun. But then she noticed a small dirt and hill...
...and the rest in history.
Come back next week to see more from this series!

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