Friday, September 17, 2010

Midnight Dreamer

"Standin' in the shadows in the palace of my dreams, you're a pretty thing, like fire from the sun. You've got to catch her while she's shinin' before the morning' comes.."
I may or may not admit to this song being stuck in my head as I edited this batch…

Anyway I was in the mood for experimenting' this evening and when the clock struck 9, we wandered the roads in search of bright street lamps to accompany my cranked ISO and *gasp* lack of flash!

HUGE thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, for his unwavering dedication, oh, and allowing me to drag him across down in the middle of the night while forcing him to serenade me on his guitar. =)


Textures and overlays courtesy of NinianLif
*click to make bigger! 

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